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It's really all about you!
The Why! 

If you're here it's likely you seek to make a positive life change. 

It's possible you aren't quite sure what that change is or how to start. That's where I come in and I'm so pleased you're here. 


As a Positive Life Change Action Trainer, I help others make positive life changes to healthy life choices. 


From pure whole foods and natural alternative choices to positive mental practices for the spirit. This includes the "Whys" and "Hows" in easy step action plans.

I train striving for progress, not perfection to getting on that powerful Positive life path for your body, mind, and spirit so you can reap the rewards!

Penny Morgan Stay Body Positive lifestyl

Some call it being an influencer I say it's about sharing the experiences that life has given me the opportunity to learn from.

The How!

No one said life would be easy or all your experiences would be good but it's what we take away from those experiences that define us and make us who we are and we absolutely have control over the direction they define us in!


 Moderation, perception and alternative perspective are what's in it for you! A guided focus on things you can control like healthy natural choices and a Positive introspective analysis.

These are difficult things to do in today's busy world and take guidance, and practice to learn and create the habits.


It begins with you! You will never see a change if you don't make a change! 

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