Training Success Strategies for Positive Life Changes and Choices so You Can Reap the Rewards.

Positive life choices and positive life changes come in many forms, everyone is driven by different goals, desires, needs, and mental thought processes. What one individual may define as success may vary dramatically to another. Likewise, so will our struggles and pain points which everyone has and my life is no different. What is different is our approach to them, how we process them in our minds, react to them and the course of action we choose to take to deal with them. I have the gift of perspective and the ability to help others see through challenges with renewed direction to get on a more positive path by being able to identify negative energy wasters and things that contribute to poor mental focus and negative outlook like the foods we eat, daily habits and perception of issues plaguing us.

Whatever your pain points may be, we work together to analyze, identify and create a roadmap to achieve positive life change and a healthy life change with body, mind and spirit focus.  Whether you want to change poor eating habits to lose weight, identify time management issues, find the right fitness routine, improve communication with a loved one or even get dating advice into your complicated and busy life; a new perspective will likely give you the insight you need to get on track whatever the issues are.

I created Stay Body Positive because I spent many years of my life making bad choices in regards to relationships, poor eating habits and dealing poorly with day to day stress that ultimately added to 60 extra pounds of weight on me.  I finally realized if I didn't make a change for myself no one else was going to do it for me and with the help of no one I did just that! I was living in the Virgin Islands at the time working freelance with no medical insurance so I immersed myself into holistic nutrition studies and alternative medicine therapies and modalities that I continue to research, learn and practice daily. Thus began an 18-month weight loss journey of trial and error to lose the 60 pounds I had packed on over the course of 10 years and keep it off. Needless to say, I discovered the formula that works for me. I changed my life, got on a healthier path, lost the weight and developed not only an understanding of what it takes to make positive changes in our life but an appreciation for those struggling to do the same.

The struggle is real but so is the choice to make positive life changes and healthy life choices with me. 

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