Could These 3 Be The Next Big Thing In Skincare Anti-Aging?

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Anti Aging Home Remedies for Wrinkles
Fight Wrinkles Naturally

With so many creams, lotions and serums on the market claiming to be the next fountain of youth especially with some containing possible carcinogens, many of us are turning to natural alternatives to fight aging. An article posted by MD Anderson suggests you might be putting yourself at risk using products containing certain ingredients and states "beauty and personal care products contain small quantities of known cancer-causing chemicals". This article details three I'm currently using and trialing in combination as my skin care regimen and so far I'm liking the preliminary results. My skin appears glowing, much more hydrated and I can see a reduction in lines and wrinkles by a noticeable difference and age spots have become almost completely invisible. I have also noticed an increased level of moisture using this combination without adding any additional facial creams, lotions or serums.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense derived from the gummy sap of the Boswellia tree

There might just be something more to the story of why the Three Wise Men brought this special oil to Jesus as a young child. Since biblical times, Frankincense has been known as an anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting agent as well as a digestive aid and potent infection fighter, among other things.

For thousands of years, people have used frankincense oil to lift, tone and tighten their skin, prevent wrinkles, reduce dark spots and pore size, heal and prevent acne and slow the signs of aging. Others used it to strengthen and add shine to their hair. It has the power to heal wounds, rash, eczema, burns, cuts and scrapes as well as soothe dry and chapped skin. It’s even used to reduce new and old scars and stretch marks. And lately there does seem to be a few studies popping up online regarding the effects of this oil on certain cancer cells so it will be interesting to see what the future of the holy oil holds as more research is done.

Frankincense oil is thought to activate the Limbic System of the brain which influences the nervous system and when inhaled has been shown to reduce heart rate, high blood pressure anxiety and even reduce depression. A small amount goes a long way and you want to look for oils that say pure essential oil or 100% essential oils.

In Aromatherapy Frankincense essential oil is also used to alleviate stress and relieve pain.

According to John Hopkins Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils (fragrant substances distilled from plants) to alter mood or improve health. It is considered a CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine by the National Cancer Institute.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed

There is a tremendous amount of hype out there about the benefits of this little seed's oil so obviously I decided to try it myself in my skincare regimen. The fact is after the first week I saw results as age spots on my face almost completely disappeared. That was almost 2 years ago and I now use it on my face neck and hands and would probably take a bath in it except I've noticed it's getting a bit harder to find in stock as others seem to be onto my little secret.

In an Article posted on Goldenberg Dermatology MD and medical director of Mount Sinai Dermatology Faculty Practice Gary Goldenberg was quoted stating

"There is no scientific proof that rosehip seed oil is the best thing for your skin, but that’s not to say that this seed extract isn’t good for your skin."

While like many beauty products on the market it may not work for everyone but it definitely has some benefits high on my list of desired outcomes. It add moisture without being overly oily looking or feeling giving skin a renewed glow.

It's packed with fabulous anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C known for wrinkle fighting properties which allow rosehip oil to treat signs of aging and pigmentation. It provides much needed hydration to the skin, repairs damaged skin, and provides a strong protective antioxidants.

Astringent properties in this oil can help shrink pores and brighten skin, so adding it to your skincare routine is great to give you that warm brightened glow. Others have also noted it evens out skin tone, firms skin and fades scars.

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